ADVANCED LED™: premium Marine and RV lighting solutions. Enhance your boating and outdoor adventures with our high-performance, energy-efficient LED products. Illuminate the way forward with top-notch technology and reliability.

Advanced LED was a brand started by AMI, a company started by Ron Amy with a rich history dating back to 1978. He sailed all his life, and his love of the ocean and sailing combined with his passion in the field of manufacturing and product development, it was only natural that he start AMI and eventually the Advanced LED brand.

Fast forward to 2023, AMI is now Advanced Manufacturing & Distribution. At Advanced Manufacturing & Distribution, we have expertise in producing a wide range of products, including but not limited to marine and automotive lighting, hi-tech ropes, EPDM gaskets and seals, stainless steel castings and stampings, and aluminum extrusions and castings.

Feel free to contact us and learn how Advanced Manufacturing & Distribution can fulfill your manufacturing and distribution needs. Together, we shape the future one exceptional product at a time.